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Daikatana Story

Knee Deep In A Dream: The Story of Daikatana



GBC ROM - English

GBC ROM - Europe

Visual Boy Advance

Daikatana US
v1.0 to v1.2 Patch

Daikatana UK
v1.0 to v1.2 Patch

Daikatana German
v1.0 to v1.2 Patch

German Sat1
Edition fix

Official Daikatana
Map Pack

Daikatana Community
Map Pack

Daikatana v1.2
Texture Fix

Daikatana Demo
Daikatana Demo (mirror 1)

DK Pre-Alpha #1
DK Pre-Alpha #1 (mirror 1)


Ion Storm



Ion Storm And Daikatana  

The story of Daikatana is but one part of the long story that is Ion Storm. But the existence of Ion Storm owes itself to Daikatana because I co-founded the company to make this game.

When the idea of creating another game company entered my mind, Daikatana wasn't my dream game per se, but a game that was my entire design WAS my dream and I wanted a company where I could do it. So after leaving id Software and six months' worth of working deals, Ion Storm had funding from Eidos and we were on our way, creating three games at once: Tom Hall's Anachronox, Todd Porter's Doppleganger, and Daikatana. Todd abandoned Doppleganger about six months after starting it and switched over to Dominion. I won't be rehashing Ion history outside of Daikatana, though.

Ion Storm's first office was in a building called the Quadrangle near downtown Dallas. Here's a pic of the original Daikatana team about six months after starting Ion.

Left to right:
Brian Pritchard
Lead Art

Jerry O'Flaherty
Art Director

Brian Cozzens

Matt Hooper
Map Design

Peter Marquardt

Kee Kimbrell

John Romero
Game Design

Shawn Green

John Anderson
Map Design

If you click the link above, Knee Deep In A Dream, you can read a lot about of the story of Daikatana's development. There's much more to be told but it would require an entire book and I doubt that many people would be interested in it. From this point on, the many pieces of memory that make up the total picture of Ion Storm will blow away in the wind over the years.

Here is a list of the range of Daikatana products that were created:

Original English PC Daikatana

Japanese Daikatana

Russian Daikatana

GameBoy Color Daikatana (non-USA)

Daikatana Strategy Guide w/comic book

Daikatana Comic by Top Cow

Daikatana had a huge amount of press and promotion during its development. I showed the game at E3 for three years (sigh), we held a Daikatana release party in front of the Ion Storm building, we held a Deathmatch party on a barge in Austin, Texas, we had another deathmatch event at the Ion Storm offices...the list goes on. There were lots of cartoons making fun of Daikatana, lots of articles in magazines, and lots of ranting online from gamers and even the development staff. It was a three-year-long nightmare. Yes, I started writing the design in February 1997 and the game shipped in April 2000 - three years.

I've gone on record to say that I'm proud of the PC version of Daikatana and I stand behind that. It was not meant to be a beginner's FPS but rather an expert FPS that required more than just the player hopping around and thinking only of themselves like most other FPS's - Daikatana required you to also help your sidekicks survive the ordeal alongside you. This new play mechanic threw many people off the game because it was too difficult. But playing Daikatana again today, this is one fast and furious FPS...still.

I was in Bucharest, Romania in January 2004 and was walking past a bookstore and saw a European Box of Daikatana in the window. The next time I came back to Bucharest in April 2004, I went into the bookstore and found Daikatana moved to the software section and the price was $50. Insane for the economy there. But it's still in the stores, heh.

The GameBoy Color version of Daikatana was designed to be like Zelda on the NES and it succeeded brilliantly. Unfortunately, Kemco (developer of both GBC and N64 Daikatanas) didn't release the game in the USA because of the completely devastating treatment given to the name Daikatana by the press at large. It was released in the UK and maybe some other countries, but I've made it available here as a ROM file (below, in the download section)

The N64 version of Daikatana was abysmal. 'Nuff said.

Here's a piece of creepy and interesting information: As most of you know, my website domain is Romanian (.RO) - I got this domain long before I met my wife, who is Romanian and I met her while she lived in Bucharest, Romania. My name "John" in Romanian is "Ion". My wife lives on a major street named "Ion Mihalache". Raluca's sister Ruxandra's middle name is Ionana, which is the feminine form of John. And how do you explain ROMero and ROMania? Muahahahaha!
And now we's really JOHN STORM!
Check it!

Daikatana Downloads

Here are all the downloads of significance for Daikatana that you need. If you know of something you think others would like to have, contact me and I might add it to the list. These files are hosted by myself on a blazingly fast server.

Daikatana US v1.0 to v1.2 Patch

Patches v1.0 of Daikatana to v1.2 - includes tons of fixes for code, levels, textures, etc.

Daikatana UK v1.0 to v1.2 Patch

Patches the version of Daikatana sold in England from v1.0 to v1.2

Daikatana German v1.0 to v1.2 Patch

Patches the German version of Daikatana from v1.0 to v1.2

German Sat1 Edition fix

This fix allows German players to change their Sat1 version of the EXE to the normal German v1.0 version EXE so the patch can be applied

Official Daikatana Map Pack

Soon after the release of Daikatana, our level designers were still coming up with fun deathmatch maps because DM in Daikatana is FUN! So here's the official Map Pack.

Daikatana Community Map Pack

The Daikatana community is a dedicated one and they created their own Map Pack!

Daikatana v1.2 Texture Fix
(all versions)

After applying the v1.2 patch, there were some missing textures that were overlooked - this fix will get rid of those errors

Daikatana Demo

We released this demo in September 2000, five months after release. It includes both multiplayer and single-player.


Daikatana GBC

Here's the poor little fella that didn't make it to the US market, Daikatana GBC. It's actually a fun game - the reviews are unanimous about that. It seems to have made it to PAL format regions, though.

So grab it here (along with the emulator). When KEMCO approached me about wanting to do a GBC version, I told them I wanted it to be a Zelda-like game. Also, I wrote all the text for the GBC version.

If you want to laugh and read what many people's opinions were like about Daikatana PC, check out this article: 1UP.COM DK NEWS

I have two prototype cartridges of this version that I kept around. Check 'em out.

Proof that it exists!


Daikatana GBC ROM File

Daikatana GBC ROM File
French, German, Spanish

VisualBoy Advance
GBC/GBA emulator

Daikatana Pre-Alpha #1

Four and a half years after its release, the Daikatana fanatics of the world shall now view the fledgling team's first two months of work. It's nothing awesome but it's a snapshot of our game in development at the very beginning with a team that had only two members survive the development process: myself and Shawn Green, who became the fifth and final lead programmer on Daikatana.

Make sure to read the DOC (or TXT) file before running it!


More good stuff to come...


Special thanks to DI-MeisterM and The EO for feedback and testing!

If there's more you'd like to read about in this section, please post your thoughts in the Daikatana forum.